Partner IT views our self as an extension of your business. The goal of our Managed Services Program (“MSP”) is to provide significant improvement in your support experience, resulting in a dramatic reduction of your technology-induced stress level.


Managed Services

Today, IT Organizations are under more scrutiny than ever before. At Partner IT, our clients face daily pressures that stem from

  • Unpredictable IT Costs
  • Unreliable IT Systems
  • Unqualified Staff
  • Security and Risk vulnerabilities
  • Bad Publicity – “Our Customer Support Center is not helpful”
  • Process Bottlenecks

Our MSP solution allows you to overcome the aforementioned challenges by:

  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Extensive Product Knowledge
  • Improved Employee Retention
  • Augment current Staff
  • Built in System and Patch Maintenance
  • Improved IT Proficiencies
  • Managed Service Level Agreements