A full service automated testing solution for your BMC Helix implementation

Are you tired of the excessive costs incurred from manual regression testing of frequent software patches?

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Test IT

Partner IT introduces Test IT, a full service automated testing solution for your BMC Helix implementation. Test IT comes with automated scripts to cover BMC Remedy ITSM, Smart IT, Digital Workplace, and Remedy customization’s. Test IT is available both as a hosted or on-premise solution. Included in our services, our experienced script team writes all the automated test scripts for you based on your requirements, on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Therefore, no additional training is required for your staff.


Automated Testing

Automating your testing can increase the depth and scope of tests to help improve software quality. Eliminating the resource intensive, expensive and inconsistent results that occur from manual testing after each BMC patch, hotfix, minor release or upgrade that is implemented throughout the year.


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